All there is now is to wait in silence. The reanimated corpses should decompose soon enough and simply fall apart as they try to move. Worst case... the survivors just have to stick it out in silence and darkness until Winter sets in and the corpses all simply freeze.

The story starts with the falling of a red leaf in rural Ontario . About the space of time it takes for a leaf to drop to the ground is about how long it takes for a victim to die... from first cough to choking on his own pharynx. The virus was fast, airborne and without warning or discrimination. Whole towns died within minutes. Most of the world's population dropped liked leaves and was gone within a few hours. The shocked and unprepared survivors could never have been ready enough for such devastation. This global holocaust hit survivors with such a force of impact that few could possibly have possessed the mechanisms or life experiences to know how to cope. Survivors wondered how they were to make it through as the Northern Hemisphere began to move into winter. This concern was complicated by the fact that the cities were filled with virus ridden, rotting corpses.

As if this weren't bad enough it was an extremely disgusting fact that the corpses started to reanimate a couple of days later. Eventually disgust would give way to cold fear as survivors realized that the longer the reanimated corpses were alive the more they learned, the cleverer they got, the more wildly aggressive and dangerous they became.

They couldn't see too well so if you didn't make lights or fires and if you didn't make a noise you could be fairly safe. That's when you truly understand how oppressive silence can be. That's when you really miss the noise of the old world. The world that can never return.

The story follows the paths of four survivors: A software consultant, a student nurse, a mechanic and a terminally unemployed reactionary. They all make mistakes some big and some small but the consequences of such mistakes can severely limit future possibilities if you are not really, really careful… Every step of the way this film is a taut psychological thriller and one cannot escape the empty and horrifying fact that silence is truly your only saviour.



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